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Does This Describe You?
Your Hobby: Inventor, Maker, Innovator, Entrepreneur
You’ve Got: An Idea, A 3D Printer, A Prototype, A Company
You’re Motived By: Accomplishment, Empowerment, Lifestyle
You Need: Money, Advice, Connections

If So, Then:
Apply to 3D Printing Ventures and once accepted, we will provide you with the tools you need to develop a strategy, execute a plan, raise capital and turn your idea into a scalable business positioned to be acquired by a larger 3D printing company or private equity investment firm.

We are highly selective of the companies that we work with. We look for innovative business models that have substantial revenue projections or other indicators of potential success. Our team of professional venture consultants evaluates each opportunity and selects those with the greatest likelihood of a successful buyout, merger, acquisition or IPO.

All Known 3D Printing Companies Were Once Startups.
Will Your Baby be Next?

3D Printing Venture Capital