A New 3D Printing Venture

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in 3D Printing, Environment, Startups, Technology

A New 3D Printing Venture
A New 3D Printing Venture

More 3D printing technology investors are noticing the moves being made by Singapore in the 3D printing industry. Another name has been added to the list of investments, NanoSun, a startup company that has developed their own 3D printed water filtration system. They just got the investment of over 3 million US dollars from China Commerce Group for International Economic Cooperation. Big name and they mean big business.

Why is this Chinese company so excited about this 3D printing company? Well, NanoSun has developed this 3D printed technology to act as a membrane that will treat waste that comes from the Qingdao Industrial Tech properties, covering over 20 square miles in Shandong. A filter that can treat the millions of waste water every year affordably is an amazing feat, especially considering how precious water is for an industrialized nation like China, whom struggles to keep up with unprecedented growth and loosely regulated industries running rampant.

The 3D printing venture is the headliner for China’s national push to market their industrial waste water treatment plan. This venture will then pave the way for distribution of effective filtration products throughout the world, having a huge impact on the environment.

3D Printing Innovation that Inspires

NanoSun has only been around for about two years and they have already developed so a great breakthrough technology through harnessing 3D printing. While traditional layer water channels battle with modern wastewater, NanoSun’s 3D printed layers are even equipped for water recovery. The 3D printed layers, which are fabricated at Nanyang, even keep going twice as long and are resistant to breakage, against bacterial and those with chemical properties. They even carry a flow rate of no less than ten times more than routine water filtration layers.

What will show at Qingdao will be a moderate, yet compelling innovation that can transform dirtied and modern wastewater into a wellspring of clean water, without the era of auxiliary waste, which different existing frameworks have. We see incredible potential for creative innovation to succeed in China and past global adoption. There is an expanding interest for the business to treat wastewater better and quicker. Applying NanoSun’s innovation at an expansive scale will build the productivity of water treatment and diminish the effect of natural contamination. That is the reason why 3D printing angel investors are so excited about stories like these. Small companies doing big things, thanks to the incredible capabilities that 3D printing technologies bring to the table.

The joint endeavor is required to further help NanoSun’s endeavors to build its scope of water treatment items to take care of mechanical demand. The start-up will likewise be working with different schools to grow new layers with inventive materials and procedures. ‘NanoSun innovation can’t be created without business investors. Numerous groups are water-focused on, confronting a deficiency of clean drinking water or contamination in their water sources. This is the place where savvy yet proficient arrangements can have an enormous effect to individuals’ lives. This is the future of major business ventures.