3D Printing Venture – Top 5 3D Printing Companies December 2019

Posted by on Apr 21, 2020 in 3D Printing, Investing

3D Printing Venture – Top 5 3D Printing Companies December 2019
3D Printing Venture – Top 5 3D Printing Companies December 2019

Market cap: US$427.27 billion; current share price: US$18.40

Although not strictly a 3D printing company, Hewlett Packard (HP) devotes some of its time to leveraging 3D printing technology for mainstream manufacturing. It is making inroads with its Multi Jet Fusion technology and, in 2017, it unveiled the world’s first state-of-the-art laboratory to help companies develop, test and deliver the next generation of materials and applications for 3D printing.

Looking ahead, CEO Dio Wiesler said HP will expand into 3D printing metal objects. HP also has a 3D printing center in Guangdong, China, putting it at the epicenter of the world’s US$12 trillion manufacturing sector.

2. Proto Labs (NYSE:PRLB)
Market cap: US$2.76 billion; current share price: US$102.58

Founded in 1999, Proto Labs specializes in rapid prototyping using three additive processes: stereolithography, selective laser sintering and direct metal laser sintering. Along with this, its additive manufacturing technology produces plastic parts using its 3D carbon DLS printing methods.

The company has eight manufacturing locations on three continents, with its global headquarters located in Minnesota. The company calls itself the fastest digital manufacturer of prototypes the world over.
3. 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD)
Market cap: US$1.15 billion; current share price: US$9.70

Since 1983, 3D Systems has been providing 3D products and services. This includes everything from 3D printers and print materials to parts services and digital design tools. Chuck Hull — the inventor of stereolithography — is the company’s co-founder, executive vice president and chief technology officer.

As a printer manufacturer, naturally 3D Systems aims to simplify this process through streamlining the supply chain for manufacturing companies. This is accomplished by providing both the raw materials — such as metal powder and plastic filament — and computer numerical control (CNC) machining.
4. Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS)
Market cap: US$1.16 billion; current share price: US$21.32

Stratasys has been in the 3D printing business since 1988, and operates primarily in the healthcare, aerospace, automotive and education markets. At a global scale, the company holds over 600 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents.

Some of its key patents are for the FDM, PolyJet and WDM 3D printing technologies. These create prototypes and manufactured goods directly from 3D computer-aided design (CAD) files and other 3D content.

5. Materialise (NASDAQ:MTLS)
Market cap: US$1.03 billion; current share price: US$19.51

Materialise has been providing software solutions and 3D printing services for over 25 years. It is a Belgium-based company that prides itself on focusing on software and services in the 3D printing industry. The company has a portfolio of over 95 patents and 165 more pending.